What is my weight in kg?

What is my weight in kg? What is a healthy weight for my height and age? How many pounds equals my weight in kg? Answers to these questions you will find in this text.

When someone wants to know the answer to the question what is my body weight in kg, he often doesn’t think about what is the weight and why this is defined in kg. We think that knowledge of the definition of the weight is important too, that’s why we are going to explain it in this article. Read the text if you wonder what is an ideal weight in kg.

Generally, from the physical point of view, the weight is the amount of matter of an object. When you are checking your weight you are really checking the amount of matter in your body.

The weight is the value which can be defined on a lot of units. The most popular unit of weight is the kg mentioned above. How to know weight in kg? The answer is the only thing you have to do is use the scales. It is a simple device which is used to check the weight of an object or a human body.

What are the benefits of knowing your weight in kilograms? After it you know if you should start exercise to lose weight or eat more to gain weight.

Of course, there is a necessity to know what is your ideal weight in kg to your height and age. Being underweight and overweight cause health problems. The information about what is good weight for you is available on the Internet.

What is my ideal body weight in kg?

As it has been mentioned above, it depends on your physical characteristics. So, for instance, if you would know what is a healthy weight for you, the answer is that first you have to know your height and age.

A very popular way to find out whether the weight is correct is to calculate the value called Body Mass Index (BMI). The math formula for BMI looks like this:

  • BMI = body mass in kg * height2

It means that to calculate BMI you have to multiply the value of your weight in kg by your height squared. Remember to define a body mass in kg and a height in metres. The result will tell you if you should lose your weight or you should put on weight to be fit.

Below you can see what individual values of BMI say:

  • underweight: BMI 18.5,
  • correct weight: BMI 18.5-24.9,
  • 1st degree overweight: BMI 25-26.9,
  • 2nd degree overweight: BMI 27-29.9,
  • 1st degree obesity: BMI 30-34.9,
  • 2nd degree obesity: BMI 35-39.9,
  • grade III obesity (fatal): BMI 40-49.9,
  • obesity grade IV (extreme) BMI 50.

These values can vary depending on age, but, generally, they are basic and appropriate for most people. It is a great way to find an answer, if, for instance, you want to know what your weight should be.

I know my weight in kg. What is my weight in pounds?

Sometimes there is a need to define weight in pounds. The pound is the second most popular unit of mass used by people in the world.

Let’s see an example. Your weight is 60 kg what is your weight in pounds?

To find out the answer to this question you have to convert 60 kg to pounds. Generally, if you know what your weight is in kg you can find out how many lbs equals your weight in kilograms.
The only thing to know is the kg to pound ratio which says that 1 kg equals 2.2046226218488. So, by multiplying 60 by 2.2046226218488 you can find out what my weight is in pounds.

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